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Iberícos Gourmet Foods offers consumers, chefs and distributors a variety of unique, high quality Spanish products.  From organic olive oil and preserved vegetables to cured seafood and all-natural Galician bread, our gourmet foods are largely produced by small and mid-sized specialty food producers who are dedicated to preserving their gastronomic traditions.

About Us Founders

Husband and wife team, Francisco Garcia Vegara and Melanie Bartz, are co-founders of iBerícos Gourmet Foods and Garcia Bartz Spanish Food Imports.  Together they seek out exceptional foods, both new and traditional, to bring to wholesale and retail markets in the US.

Francisco is a native of Alicante, one of Spain’s most beautiful coastal cities known for its pristine white beaches and rich Mediterranean food.  Melanie calls New York City home and loves bringing their new food discoveries to the city’s acclaimed retailers and restaurants. They have steadily grown their company by adhering to their mission of bringing customers a fine selection of Spanish imported foods.  

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Ibericos Gourmet Foods imports products which are distributed nationwide. We work with the US’s most prominent distribution channels, allowing our products to land on supermarket shelves throughout the US, as well as used in professional kitchens nationwide.

Please contact us for more information about our company and products.